libreCMC March 31st - April 2nd site outage postmortem

Around 2AM EDT on March 31st, the libreCMC project servers became unavailable due to an infrastructure failure with an upstream ISP in New York. Usually such an outage would be addressed within an hour or two, but current events are making it difficult to get equipment and move staff. Going forward, the project is going to assume that infrastructure failures are going to become more frequent and long-term, with the project planning accordingly. More updates in regards to this will become available in the next week.

libreCMC v1.5.1 is now available

The libreCMC project is proud to announce the availability of libreCMC v1.5.1. This release of libreCMC provides various fixes, including:

The next release of libreCMC is scheduled for release on June 31st, unless there are other critical CVEs. As always, please report any bugs using the issue tracker or the libreCMC mailing lists.


In libreCMC v1.5.x, ath79 replaces ar71xx for most targets.

Firmware Images: