# libreCMC : The _libre_ Embedded GNU/Linux Distro.

The libreCMC project provides replacement software for consumer-grade routers in the form of a small GNU/Linux distro. The software and tools that the project distributes allow users to take back control of their devices from hardware manufactures. Because libreCMC is [Free Software]Free Software(http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.en.html), users are able to unlock the ability to control and breath new life into devices the project supports.

## Useful links:

* libreCMC FAQ(/wiki?name=FAQ) : WIP

* Getting Started with libreCMC() : WIP

* Supported Hardware(/wiki?name=Supported_Hardware): Devices officially supported by libreCMC.

* Router reset instructions(/wiki?name=Router_Reset_Instructions) : Generic libreCMC router reset instructions.

* Report a bug or issue(https://gogs.librecmc.org/libreCMC/libreCMC/issues) : Is something broken? Did you find a non-free component or do you want to make libreCMC better? Submit an issue.

* Get libreCMC source code(https://git.librecmc.org/?p=librecmc/librecmc.git;a=summary) : Checkout the latest libreCMC sources.

* Build Documentation(/wiki?name=How_To_Build_libreCMC) : Learn how to build libreCMC for your device.

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