The libreCMC project ships different flavored images to achieve a desired result and for the continued support of hardware with limited resources. These different flavors include:


Provides an easier to use out of the box experience; includes the luci web interface, full package management support and basic IPv6 stack. These images only run on routers with 8M of flash or more.


A bare-bones image with package management, basic IPv6 stack and no web interface. These images run on routers with <8M of flash, but package management is limited on 4M targets.


While similar to Main images, these images are targeted at routers with 4M of flash; provide the luci web-ui (no ssl support), basic IPv6 stack and no package management.

Please see the flavors page for more info.

File Name  ↓ File Size  ↓ Date  ↓ 
Parent directory/--
packages/-2018-Oct-03 18:38
config.seed 18K2018-Oct-03 18:38
kernel-debug.tar.bz2 6M2018-Oct-03 18:35
librecmc-ar71xx-nand-device-gl-ar300md.manifest 31882018-Oct-03 18:35
librecmc-ar71xx-nand-gl-ar300m-kernel.bin 1M2018-Oct-03 18:35
librecmc-ar71xx-nand-gl-ar300m-rootfs-squashfs.ubi 3M2018-Oct-03 18:35
librecmc-ar71xx-nand-gl-ar300m-squashfs-sysupgrade.tar 4M2018-Oct-03 18:35
librecmc-ar71xx-nand-gl-ar300m-ubi-factory.img 5M2018-Oct-03 18:35
librecmc-ar71xx-nand-root.squashfs 3M2018-Oct-03 18:35
librecmc-ar71xx-nand-uImage-lzma.bin 1M2018-Oct-03 18:35
librecmc-ar71xx-nand-vmlinux-lzma.elf 1M2018-Oct-03 18:35
librecmc-ar71xx-nand-vmlinux.bin 5M2018-Oct-03 18:35
librecmc-ar71xx-nand-vmlinux.elf 5M2018-Oct-03 18:35
librecmc-ar71xx-nand-vmlinux.lzma 1M2018-Oct-03 18:35
librecmc-imagebuilder-ar71xx-nand.Linux-x86_64.tar.xz 23M2018-Oct-03 18:35
librecmc-sdk-ar71xx-nand_gcc-5.4.0_musl-1.1.16.Linux-x86_64.tar.xz 42M2018-Oct-03 18:37
librecmc-toolchain-ar71xx-nand_gcc-5.4.0_musl-1.1.16.Linux-x86_64.tar.bz2 35M2018-Oct-03 18:33
sha256sums 17372018-Oct-03 18:38
sha256sums.asc 8332018-Oct-03 23:52