The libreCMC project ships different flavored images to achieve a desired result and for the continued support of hardware with limited resources. These different flavors include:


Provides an easier to use out of the box experience; includes the luci web interface, full package management support and basic IPv6 stack. These images only run on routers with 8M of flash or more.


A bare-bones image with package management, basic IPv6 stack and no web interface. These images run on routers with <8M of flash, but package management is limited on 4M targets.


While similar to Main images, these images are targeted at routers with 4M of flash; provide the luci web-ui (no ssl support), basic IPv6 stack and no package management.

Please see the flavors page for more info.

File Name  ↓ File Size  ↓ Date  ↓ 
Parent directory/--
v1.4.4-20180605/-2018-Jun-05 22:38
v1.4.4-20180629/-2018-Jul-01 03:53
v1.4.4-20180816/-2018-Aug-16 06:42
v1.4.4-20180820/-2018-Aug-20 17:26
v1.4.4-core-20180701/-2018-Aug-16 06:52
v1.4.4-legacy-20180716/-2018-Jul-16 19:51
v1.4.5-20181003/-2018-Oct-03 18:48
v1.4.5-20181006/-2018-Oct-06 18:37
v1.4.5-20181130/-2018-Dec-01 00:31
v1.4.5-core-20181003/-2018-Oct-04 21:37
v1.4.5-legacy-20181004/-2018-Oct-04 22:34