libreCMC v1.5.1


The libreCMC project is proud to announce the availability of libreCMC v1.5.1. This release of libreCMC provides various fixes, including:

  • Linux-Libre v4.14.173
  • Wireguard 1.0.20200330
  • Tor : Fixes CVE-2020-10592 and init script issues
  • CVE-2020-8597: ppp
  • CVE-2020-7982: opkg (addressed in v1.5.0a)
  • CVE-2020-7248: libubox (addressed in v1.5.0a)
  • Other fixes picked from upstream 19.07.x

Packages Added:

  • nodogsplash
  • openssh
  • muninlite
  • etherwake

The next release of libreCMC is scheduled for release on June 30th, unless there are other critical CVEs. As always, please report any bugs using the issue tracker or the libreCMC mailing lists.

Firmware Images:


ath79 replaces ar71xx targets in v1.5.x, excluding Buffalo routers and the Netgear WNR2200.

The tiny sub-target replaces the old legacy images.