• SoC : Atheros AR9341
  • RAM: 32 MB
  • Flash: 4 MB

Versions Supported

  • v5.x
  • v8.x
  • v9.x
  • v10.x <-- may need to be tftp flashed
  • v11.x <--
  • v12.x <--

DO NOT BUY v13!!! V13 contains a mediatek chipset, which requires a non-free firmware blob.

Reset instructions


Firmware Images

See our flavors page for a description of each type of libreCMC image.

Tiny (core)

TL-WR841n[d] v8 Factory

TL-WR841n[d] v8 Sysupgrade

TL-WR841n[d] v9 Factory

TL-WR841n[d] v9 Sysupgrade

TL-WR841n[d] v10 Factory

TL-WR841n[d] v10 Sysupgrade

TL-WR841n[d] v11 Factory EU

TL-WR841n[d] v11 Factory US

TL-WR841n[d] v11 Factory

TL-WR841n[d] v11 Sysupgrade

Image File Signatures

Tiny sha256sums

Tiny sha256sums.asc